Easy Peasy

We want to keep it simple, so we've made our pricing clear and predictable.

To find out how much you'll pay simply choose the plan that suits your company best (see Compare PlansPay As You Go IT, St Albans. New Window), then just do the maths:
  • Plan Number of users1
  •    £250 per user setup fee2
  •    £500 basic fee

The Turn-Key Solution

If you'd like your office to be 'delivered' ready to go, then we can definately help you there!

Here's how:

  Either instruct us which PCs you'd like us to purchase for you, or arrange delivery of your chosen PCs to our business address.3
  Choose your prefered Office 365 plan.
  Provide details regarding prefered email addresses, Windows user credentials etc per user/PC.
  Let us know when and where you'd like the loaded PCs to be delivered.

We'll deliver the PCs, walk you through the setup, and let you get on with your business.

It really is that simple!