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Whether you want a website to attract more customers, or you just want to say "We're Here!", we can help you.

If you're in the greater St Albans, if you are a pub, in the building trade, a sole trader or a small business then we can build a brand new bespoke website - no templates, your site will be unique. You can be involved all along the process, or just tell us to get on with it.

You could have a new website from as little as £1.500.

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Responsive for a modern world

When your site is responsive it means that it will be readable on all devices, whether large or small.

If you're using a PC to read this, then resize the screen and see what happens - everything moves around - it's responsive. Google standards mean that if your site isn't responsive it will be looked upon less favorably, effecting your position in a google search.

Pay As You Go IT offer an all-in-one package.

£1,500 gets you the following:

 Up to 5 pages, including a contact page and slideshow.
 Domain name (if available).
 1 years hosting.
 Up to 10 email addresses.
 SEO built in.

We don't use templates - each site is unique and built to the client's specifications.

Extras are priced as follows:

Each additional page - £100.
Slide Show - £100 each.
Extra artwork - POA.

Once we have agreed on a design, Pay As You Go IT will build the site, upload it to the server, and configure your email client to receive communications from your web site. When we have finished you will have a fully functioning website, on the internet, for your customers to see